Who is Brit Carbs?

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My vision of the future

I may be young, but I have been in the business for more than a decade. 


Like many of us I started my journey with MG's when I was young. I started working at UML with I was just 14 and I absorbed as much information as I could. I learned thousands of valuable lessons both in auto restoration and in life while I had a wrench in one hand and something in need of repair in the other. 

I have met hundred of customers, built relationships, and enjoyed breathing new life into old cars over the years. I once looked back and calculated that I had drived more than 500 cars by the time I had my drivers license and learned how to diagnose faults by ear at the same time.

I have pursued many other career paths, many related to the automotive field, and some seemingly unrelated. While I worked for University Motors I held multiple "secondary" jobs from being a butcher to an Automation Technician, and even a Hydro-Electric Dam Operator, but I could never shake the bug. For some reason MG's never left my sight. Perhaps it was the joy of being in a world most people never got to be in, or maybe it was the fun of driving a piece of history. What I do know is I thoroughly enjoy helping the community keep their cars, and stories, on the road.

Why I Am Here To Stay?

It's simple, I want to be here as long as I can. More importantly I want to be here as long as the community wants me to be here. 

I plan to expand my services as well as my business. I currently enlist the aid of some part time help when things get backed up, but that is just to take care of the non-technical work. At some point the community will shift and all of us enthusiasts will rely on new blood to keep the cars on the road. I have been working to increase the role of those closer to my age (35 and younger) so that we can have a larger "youth" crowd among our ranks. 

With the prospect that more of these cars aging and needing repair, I plan to expand the services offer by Brit Carbs as the demand increases. At some point Brit Carbs will become even more diverse and it will need a name to suit; I imagine something along the lines of "BC Bench Services" or "BC Garage" or something to that effect. We already service many items that fit on a bench; Alternators, Starters, Generators, Leaf Springs with factory original clips, and Lucas Distributors. 

For more than ten years I, Matthew Fortier, have worked directly with John Twist of University Motors LTD. (UML). I studied for two years under his direct guidance and then another 8 was in the shop as the Bench Services Technician. I have restored hundreds of carburetors, starters, alternators, leaf springs, and much more. I was with John through the loss of his late wife Caroline, the first closing of UML, as well as the latest transition. John has shut down the single location, restoration and bench work side of the company, so that he can move forward with his passions of education and writing.


We want nothing more than to keep you and your vehicle "safety fast" and on the road. 

Whether you own an MG, Triumph, Jaguar, or one of the other British sports car brands we are dedicated to doing everything we can to keep it on the road. Thats why we offer competitive pricing, reliable high quality workmanship, and clear communication.

Who else is involved in British Carburetors LLC

All primary operations are overseen by Matthew, but many hands are needed to perform all of the work. Some trusted local shops, and other dedicated enthusiasts are enlisted if specialty equipment is needed or when scarce parks are needed. It takes more than a few to help the community and more space to store parts than one shop can hold.