UML Bench services is

Tech Tour 2018 - Brit Carbs Will Be Overseas

November 1st - 25th

Brit Carbs shop will be closed during the month of November and operating abroad.

Email and Phone services will remain active, but all projects received after Oct. 15th will be shelved until Nov. 25th.

All projects currently in the work queue will be completed and returned before Nov. 1st.

Matthew will be traveling the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain, and France on 10 city a technical tour of British cars.


  • Carburetor Restoration
  • ​Throttle Shaft, Disc, Bushings
  • Vapor Blasting (Wet Media Blast)
  • Alternator Restoration
  • Generator Restoration
  • Starter Restoration
  • Distributor Restoration (Lucas)
  • Leaf Spring rebuild and re-arching (Factory Clips)

We have several standard services and the capability to do just about any specified request. ​The same great service offered from University Motors LTD. by the very same mechanic. 

Same service, new name

It's the same great service and support with better equipment and process, because we are specializing in just bench work but using the same ideals and expertise that has served the community for years.

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British Auto Parts Restoration  -

 With many hundreds of projects restored and back on the road, we would love to show yours off. If you had your any bench work rebuilt by UML or BC in the past decade send some photos to share on our site.

Now BC Bench services

With years of experience, and over a decade of performing work for University Motors LTD. and the British sports car community. We have run into nearly every type of problem and have learned many solutions to them. With the help of a shop specifically built to service British sports-car parts we can properly repair and restore your parts.

our services

It is important that your parts arrive intact, and it is critical that you take the precautions to safeguard them. We have made an easy guide to ensure you do just that.

By the very same hands

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Looking for someone you can trust? Look no further! With years of servicing the community's part restoration needs, and hundreds of rebuilds completed, there's no doubt you are in good hands.

After working for University Motors, and John Twist, I have learned the best process and now I have the ability to buy new equipment and focus my energy directly at a few select services. While once I was switching between carburetors, starters, and generators to full restorations of complete cars, I can now do the work I am best at, the work I enjoy the most. With the recent and final closure of University Motors LTD. I decided to open my own shop. I went my own way while Forest Johnson, Curt Sanier, and Mike Blackport moved out to be part of Forest's company Rusty Moose Garage. 

What's more than the last decade of serving this great community for more than ten years?

I am starting on my own at what seems to be a great time and I hope that I can take on the work load that some of our great champions had carried for years. Many of our great shops, and their owners, are closing in on great retirement times and I hope that with all of the work that I have done over the years you will trust me as you have trusted them.

My mission is to be a trusted and reliable pillar holding up the quality of service that has come before. I am here to stay and here to serve.

Matthew J. Fortier

Owner of British Carburetors LLC.

Proud former employee of University Motors LTD.