$275 x 1 or $250/ea. x 2 or more

$50/ hour

$45 x 1 or $35 x 2 or more

$100-$150 extra


We promise that we have looked long and hard for the best parts and we will provide the best service that we can. We have acquired the best equipment and tools to do the job right, the first time. If we make a mistake we promise we will do what ever we can to make things right. Because you, our customers are located all over the country, and the world, we put forward the extra effort to make sure our process is the best it can be. 

We strive to provide the best service, and to produce the best work, so that your factory parts can continue to out last and out perform the cheap modern replacements.

**Prices include linkage and fastener cleaning and plating**

Electric components are fully disassembled, inspected, bushings and bearings are removed, all non-enameled parts are washed and cleaned, fasteners are blasted and zinc plated, and prepped for re-assembly. Armatures are removed and mounted in our designated Armature and Undercutting Lathe and tested for wear or damage. The commutators are trued to remove dead spots and the commutator mica is undercut to allow proper use and future wear. Bearing surfaces on the armature shafts are cleaned and polished to reduce drag. All bushings and bearings are removed and replaced and reamed to proper dimension. After everything is made proper the components are reassembled and painted.

Lucas Line of Distributors, with a focus on MG and Triumph.

Blasting and Plating

Work Descriptions

Included in a Restoration:

Whats in the price?


Included in a Restoration:

**Prices estimated on average cost, price may vary**

Distributor w/ Vacuum Advance:

Distributor w/o Vacuum Advance:

Re-Bushing Bare Dist. Body:

All prices are estimates based on our average end cost. The prices shown reflect kits, parts, and labor with taxes included. Additional parts or services requiring attention are billed at shop rate and cost. Not every restoration cost the same, so we aim to the higher average prices for the estimations.

We use the highest quality parts possible. Parts prices likely do not match advertised Moss pricing but we use Moss part numbers whenever possible. We try to keep cost as close to the industries average prices.

You can provide your own parts but we cannot guarantee the parts provided will work. We have worked hard to find reliable suppliers and parts, so why risk the cost of repairs to save a couple of dollars on lesser quality parts?

**Prices estimated on average cost, price may vary**




$50/Hr - No setup charge if parts arrive "clean"

$20/ small batch + $3/lb. (includes soak and oxide bath)

$65/Hr + Travel expenses (By appointment, If possible)

Zenith Stromberg:

Single SU:

Dual Carbs:

Triple Carbs:

Weber 40/ 45 DCOE:

Manifolds Etc:




our promise

Vapor Blasting:


On-Site Work:

Vapor blasting is a useful tool when trying to restore metals, plastic, glass, or delicate parts that are not going to be painted or otherwise protected. The gentle cleaning is powerful enough to remove scale, oxides, and varnishes but it is not powerful enough to remove powder coatings or other durable finishes. We use it to remove light plating, blueing, scaling, rust, and varnishes from intricate parts or in hard to reach areas, as well as a means of smoothing out sand blasting pitting and other abrasions. 

We only run Zinc based plating in the shop but we are able to have other items Chrome plated for us.


Restoration Price List





$115 (single/STD. pump)

Included in a Restoration:

Our restoration process includes the full restoration of your carburetors including re-plating all of the fasteners, linkage, and ancillary parts. If you have brackets and tags, studs, or other hardware for the carburetors please include them with the set. We replace all gaskets and perishable parts and seals, shafts, bushings, needles, and any damaged fasteners. Each set also gets the Vapor Blast and oxide wash that helps seal the metal from oxidizing or absorning grease and oil.

We also give a 6 month guarantee on all of our work and that goes along with our parts as well. You can rest assured that no matter how they come to us, they will be returned in top condition.

Actual prices are commonly

less than estimated prices.

Distributor restorations follow our full eight step restoration process. The distributor will be fully disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, vapor blasted, oxide-washed, bright clear zinc plated, Re-Curved, assembled, and adjusted. The cap, points, condenser, springs, weights, and bushings will be replaced and fitted as needed or requested. The Re-Bushing process includes vapor blasting, replacement of the shaft bushings, and reaming to proper size. 


British Auto Parts Restoration  -  Services@BritishCarburetors.com




​Re-Bush/ Bearing

​Fuel Pumps: