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When we think of rubber most of us have things like tires, Wellington boots, pencil erasers, garden hoses, rubber bands, or maybe balloons and stamps. Perhaps you think a little more technically and you think of things like Silicone, Butadiene, Polyurethane, or Neoprene. If you are a little technically informed you know that the rubbers around us come in hundreds of varieties, compounds, and have many more traits and uses.

The type of rubber we primarily use is Viton rubber due to its outstanding chemical and thermal resistance...

We don't work on everything, and frankly we wouldn't have the time or space. With such a large, and growing, community the amount of work available far exceeds what we can complete. If you need larger projects restored or if you have work we don't specialize in you can reference this resource list of other shops that we trust. 

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