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Have a set of carburetors waiting for a little new life to be breathed into them? Or, do you have a distributor or some other part that can fit in a box?

Shoot us an email or leave a voicemail with your details. Let us know what type of restoration you are looking for, any special requests, or any concerns you may have. We are open to alternators, starters, and just about anything else that fits on a bench top.

Make sure: Make sure you include your contact information, vehicle Year, Make, Model, Engine size, Engine/ Emission modifications, and Driving Elevation (mountains, coast, etc.).


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polished Restoration

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The "polished" build takes a restoration to the next level of cleanliness, clarity, and shine. By removing the rough edges, porous surfaces, and slight indentations we can bring a glow under your bonnet. The bodies of the carburetors are taken a step further to bring a brighter surface appearance and the brass parts are buffed; The suction chambers are spun on the lathe and wet sanded to over 1,000 grit and then buffed to a nearly mirror finish. For those looking to attain the "best in show" and "cleanest restoration" awards, and those looking for an eye catching piece in the engine bay.

Quality parts matter

This service is priced by the time needed for your specific set of carbs. Pricing typically costs $100-150 on top of the standard restoration price. Level of polish wanted can be chosen by the customer.

Shop hourly rate is set the same no matter what the type of work being performed. We bill actual hours worked because each job is going to be different. 

Shop rate is:

$50.00/hour by the 1/4hour.

All pricing listed on estimates, paperwork, and this site are estimated prices. Final billing costs may vary depending on parts and labor required.Shipping is billed in addition to invoice totals.

The shop is ever growing and expanding. We now offer more services and hopefully, with more tooling and space we will be able to expand even further. That being said the Vapor Blasting service is available for nearly anything that will fit in the cabinet. We have enough room to safely blast just about anything up to the size of a cylinder head of 6 cylinder and manifolds. A new, bigger blast system is also in the works. We offer many services outside of carburetors, as listed here.

In the Shop

"Show Quality" Rebuild

All pricing listed is a rough estimate, including parts. The estimated price is based on what the average rebuilds cost. Each restoration cost is based upon actual time needed and parts used.

Parts and kits sold as close to Moss "book cost", unless unavailable and or more expensive via secondary supplier.

Do you have a quick question? Feel free to us the form to the right and drop us a line. We would be happy to answer your question and give you as much information as we can. 

All of our parts have been selected for quality and longevity. We don't put our name on something that may let you down. We do it the right way, with the right parts, the first time.

We only use approved superior quality parts, but we do our best to save you money and price our parts competitively. Our goal is to provide the longest lasting best performing parts so that you and your car can stay on the road, thats why we offer a six month guarantee on our parts and labor.

Check out the "Technical" page for more information about kits, tools, materials, and more.​

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Restoration Services:

other services offered

shop hourly rate

Standard or Polished

Re-Curve and Re-Bush

Undercut and Re-Bush

Undercut and Re-Bush

Re-Arch and Factory Clips

We rarely take rushed or hurried work. Our process takes time and it is only fair to serve our customers in the order that the work requests arrive. We have a queue  and we are working hard to make our way through this line. We keep our costs as low as possible so that we can provide the best service to you, our valued customers. Rushing a project results in increased costs and lowered quality of service.

Cost, Time, Quality. You can only pick two. 

Restoration Services:

More than just carbs

Standard Restoration

This is the Brit Carbs standard restoration level. A nicer-than-factory finish with freshly plated original hardware. Clean and durable finish that will hide years of wear and scratches without removing large amounts of material. This will have a soft satin appearance accented by the bright white of zinc plating on the ancillary steel hardware. Painted components will have two primer layers as well as a minimum of two top coats of color. We can also zinc plate or powder coat parts and components of any size.

  • Carburetors------------------------------
  • Throttle shaft, disc, bushings
  • Vapor Honing (Wet Media Blast)
  • Distributors-----------------------------
  • Alternators------------------------------
  • Starters​-----------------------------------
  • ​Leaf Springs----------------------------
  • Zinc Plating
  • Powder Coating

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