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Its fairly simple, but it can go terribly wrong if you aren't careful. Make sure you have prepared your parcel for the possibility that the carrier is going to drop your box(s) off the truck and then step on them. The carrier may also refuse shipment if you haven't followed parcel rules.

  1. Empty all fuel, hazardous materials, or flammable liquids from your item. (May cause refusal to ship)
  2. Remove excess grease, oil, and scale from your item. (May leak out and ruin packing tape or labels)
  3. If its not bolted down then box and wrap separately. (Avoid part-on-part in transit damage)
  4. Double box all included parts. (Keeps items from being damaged when dropped)
  5. Use MORE than enough tape along all seams as well as across them. (Stops packages from opening during rough handling)
  6. Type and Print shipping labels when possible, otherwise write clearly in permanent marker. Make sure to do the same for your included detail and manifest page you have included inside the package. (Helps us keep it organized and all together)
  7. Use clear packaging tape on top of all shipping labels. (Stops stains, smears, and bleeding ink)
  8. Include a "Return Shipping Label" either inside or attached to the outside of the package. (This way you know that shipping is taken care of prior to final bill and you already know what to expect.)

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This section will receive photos and instructions to help keep your items as safe as possible during transit. It is best to take the time before you ship as we will re-use packaging as much as possible in order to reduce waste and do our part to keep the landfills and pollution as low as possible.

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The United States Postal Service offers "Priority Flat Rate" as one of their shipping options, and they have free boxes as well as priority shipping tape. You can ship typically for half as much as with FedEx, DHL, or UPS.

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